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A reliquary is defined as a receptacle to contain a relic of a saint, sacred object, or something treasured. As such, reliquaries provide us with a very special way to maintain a tangible link to that which is important to us.

Animals hold a special place in our lives—as beloved friend, family member and, sometimes even, teacher.  When a pet dies, a reliquary allows us to keep their memory alive and close.

The permanently sealed reliquary lockets I create are designed to hold a small memento of  your pet:  ashes, hair, a feather, whisker, or photo, in honor of the important relationship you had.  In this way, they are present even in their absence.


In memory of Ms. Moppet

In 1991, my cat of 23 years, Ms. Moppet, passed away.  Moppet and I had grown up together and it was a very difficult transition.  I wanted something that would remind me of the valuable things she had taught me, and of what it felt like to be loved by her.  When I received her ashes it was clear how utterly important they were to me as a way of preserving that vital connection.

Jewelry is an art form that has an ancient tradition of embodying and expressing love and intimacy between people.  The reliquaries I design apply that principle to our love for our animals.

As a metalsmith, I became interested in the historical form of reliquaries as a way for me, through my art, to preserve Moppet’s memory, form, teachings, and ashes.  My own reliquary in memory of Ms. Moppet was the beginning.  Since them I have designed reliquaries for others who wish to honor similar relationships.


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